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DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Month in review

DeveloPassion's Newsletter
DeveloPassion's Newsletter - Month in review
By Sébastien Dubois • Issue #87 • View online
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Welcome to the 87th edition
Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩
September is already gone. Time for my monthly review!
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Alright, let’s go 🚀

Month in Review
This month wasn’t my most productive, but I did get back on my feet and started new initiatives. I wanted to launch my YouTube channel this month but realized that I’m still afraid to hit the “record” button. I need to better prepare for this. The issue is obviously not on the hardware side, as I’ve used that as an excuse before and bought way more than I actually needed to get started.
Instead, I think the problems lie in the way I prepare for recording:
  • I need to prepare scripts to know what I want to express and how
  • I need to accelerate my learning of Adobe Premiere
  • I need to better understand/define the recording workflow
  • I need to hit record and let go of my fears
  • I need to clearly define “when” I’m going to record videos to prepare the environment, set time aside, etc
At least now I have clarity about what my issues are. Time to work towards solving each!
I’ve started trying to improve my branding on different networks (Twitter, Medium, YouTube), and created a Link Tree to provide a simpler entry point to my creations.
In September, I also improved the Obsidian Starter Kit and released three new versions.
Trends on Google Search Console for
Trends on Google Search Console for
This month, I’ve only published two articles:
Still, the momentum is still going and there are more visitors on my blog.
Buying and installing my new computer also cost me quite some time. That’s the price to pay when you like doing things yourself.
I’ve spent time exploring Stable Diffusion and had great fun testing endless prompts.
And I’ve finally migrated to ZSH after spending so many years using Bash.
Revenue from my different activities is relatively stable for the moment, and I hope it will keep at least this level for the coming months. I went from ~$750 at the beginning of the month to ~$900 at the end. The mean is ~$850. It’s quite nice, but certainly not a stable source of income as it relies on one-off sales. I would much rather have the same amount of money through subscriptions.
I’ve started looking for sponsors to finance the time I spend on this newsletter, but haven’t found any so far. To be continued!
What I've learned this month
Some of the things I've explored this month
Some of the things I've explored this month
This month, I’ve learned quite some things about video editing and Adobe Premiere, as I’m preparing to process my own videos. Apart from that, I’ve taken quite some notes about various topics:
  • How to give structured feedback
  • What it means to fail forward
  • The idea of eventual success
  • Price anchoring
  • The curse of knowledge
  • Coded spaces vs code spaces
  • The impact of a positive feedback culture for organizations
  • Cognitive complexity and how it relates to sales and marketing
  • The benefits of touch typing
  • Cognitive dissonance and how we fool ourselves
  • Anti-goals
  • The 7-11-4 rule
  • Why direction is much more important than speed
  • Expectations about problem-solving complexity vs reality
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Recent articles
No new article this week
Quotes of the week
  • “Be not afraid of going slowly. Be afraid only of standing still”
  • “We have the power to hold no opinion about a thing and to not let it upset our state of mind—for things have no natural power to shape our judgments” — Marcus Aurelius
Book of the week
Liminal Thinking
Tips of the week
How cool is that?!
Thinking and learning links of the week
Scott P. Scheper
I stumbled upon this Zettelkasten workflow illustration from Bob Doto (@thehighpony). It's really good. You need to zoom in to read some of the text, however, the diagrams do a good job of conceptualizing it.
Note Quality - The Personal Knowledge Management Podcast (FKA Notion Nerds) | Podcast on Spotify
Tech links of the week
Ten Years of TypeScript - TypeScript
Linus Torvalds: Rust will go into Linux 6.1 | ZDNET
John-David Dalton
For the lodash rewrite I’m declaring tech debt bankruptcy. Starting from scratch with TypeScript and Rollup. 🔔 No FP wrappers. That fad is over. RIP your co-workers if you introduced that headache into your codebase. Definitely not team or human friendly.
Indie Hacking and bootstrapping
The Indiependent Community
Why I'm opening up the source for my project
How I grew a site to 10k+ daily visits just using GPT-3 made SEO pages
Anthony Castrio is in Bengaluru 🇮🇳
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